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The Kindness Game, A Cooperative Tile Game by Family Pastimes Co-operative Games. Picture shows Game Box and Game Tiles displayed

The Kindness Quilt

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1 to 6 Players, Ages 4 to 7 (Basic) and 7 to 12 (Advanced)

Together we are making a Quilt, patch by patch.

Some patches show Happy Faces and some show Sad Faces.

We want a Quilt with more Happy Faces and fewer Sad Faces. How? By using Acts of Kindness to chase away the Sadness!

We can't entirely avoid the Sad Faces, so we do the best we can by working it out together! Each Patch Tile has some Happy and some Sad, we talk over and listen to each other's as to when and how to play each one for the best score.

Includes: 24 Patches, 12 Acts of Kindness, Rules for Basic and Advanced game play © 2019

  "Simple rules, but a tricky game that will challenge Adults as well as Children. My favourite part is when Children have to create an Act of Kindness to dispel Sadness. That is the heart of the game." - Jim Deacove, Game Designer