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The Open Road Game, Box, Board and Pieces arranged and displayed at Play

The Open Road

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2 to 8 players, Ages 12 to Adult

The Gypsy peoples come from the Sind region, now in Pakistan. When they came to Western Europe they were under the protection of the King of Hungary. This privileged situation did not last long, as amazement at their way of life commonly led to hostilities. It still leads to hostilities from people of their host nations.

Europeans saw “private property” as sacrosanct, whereas gypsies did not have a word for “possess.” This led to a continual problem of gypsies being regarded as “thieves” from the European view.

In the game, we are Gypsies trying to earn as much Gold as we can, and bring it to the Big Gypsy Gathering. We need to finance the various Festivities of Weddings, Baptisms, Meetings, Feasts and Entertainment.

This must be done before Border Checkpoints are closed, preventing us from travelling and earning our living. We have only two rounds of Events to accomplish our goal of raising money for the Gathering!

Includes: 17″ x 22″ board, 4 movers and matching caravan cards, 26 coloured wagons, 24 trades, 24 gold payments for trades, 56 events, rules for regular and advanced games. © 2009

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