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Jim writes about the Forgotten Ones - Princess

Princess - created in 1986, licensed to Canadian and European companies, we still retain the rights and make it here in our little shop.

Back when we sold our games at craft shows, whenever I set up a table to sell PRINCESS, there was always an angry reception from young females, who did not like the idea of being rescued. Then I would get angry young men complaining about the portrayal of the guard as a somewhat ugly brute.

Of course, as an answer to the angry females, I pointed out that it was mostly young girls who did the rescuing, because not very many boys cared. The game was enjoyable because it required creative use of game parts to solve the obstacles and reach the sleeping Princess, who has to be rescued before darkness falls.

By the way, I used my neighbor's young daughter for the illustration and she was a sturdy and lovely model.

Will this game ever regain wide popularity or is it a victim of the fashions of thought?